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  The basis of every musician - from beginners to professionals - is a perfectly tuned, easy-to- play instrument.

So his joy in the game can develop unhindered and he can concentrate on the essentials; the music.


What type of player are you and what can I do for you !

just for the fun of it

It is especially important for you to have an instrument that is easy to play.

If the string action is too high, the effort for the left hand is unnecessarily high and the joy of playing is all the less.

Instruments that are not fretted give the player the feeling that they are playing "wrong", which leads to the desire to continue playing dwindling.

So come by and let me check your instrument for suitability.

I am a passionate musician

You are familiar with the subject and know the importance of playing a good-sounding, technically flawless instrument.

It inspires you in your creative, musical ideas and won't let you down even with heavy use.

It is therefore important to you that your tool is maintained and repaired by someone who knows what they are doing and what is necessary.

Music is my hobby

Above all, you want to play.

Your instrument should sound balanced and be easy to play.

You don't want to deal with string tensioning and other annoying technical things. Nice there is me for that.

I'll get your instrument going again so that it's a joy to play.

i am a professional musician

In principle you can do everything yourself. You know exactly how you want your instrument to sound and how to make it sound.

If it weren't for the full schedule that puts a spoke in your wheel once again.

Come by quickly, tell me what you need and I'll do it for you in a timely and professional manner.

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